Saturday, January 15, 2011

New at the Winter Fancy Food Show

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New at the Winter Fancy Food Show
Laxmi's Delights Introduces

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Just heat and serve
With rice, baguette or flatbreads!

Laxmi’s Delights other products include award winning, healthy, organic Flaxseed Spreads in 3 delicious flavors:
1. Golden Flaxseed Spread with Dates and Orange Juice®,
2. Lemony Flaxseed Spread with Ginger and Honey®,
3. Savory Flaxseed Spread with Sun-dried Tomatoes®

Children smear the spreads on sandwiches or toast in place of butter or jam. Health conscious moms spoon them into a warm bowl of oatmeal or pasta. Dads top them on a seared piece of fish, chicken, burger, lamb chops or even vegetables. Athletes use them as a stimulant. In addition, people with nut allergies can find these products easily accessible. Use as a topping for artisan cheese.

The Flaxseed Spreads are very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, heart-healthy, high-fiber, low-calorie and absolutely scrumptious. They are all natural, gluten free, dairy free and additive and preservative free. Comes in Victorian gourmet 8 oz glass jars that are shelf stable.

Contact: Laxmi Hiremath
(925) 833-0115
Products Made in the USA

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